Vented Gas Logs

A Vented Gas Log Set installs in a wood-burning fireplace to provide all the ambiance of a real wood fire, but without the work of hauling in logs, lighting the kindling, tending the fire, and hauling out the ash.  You simply light the fire when you want it and turn it off when you’re done.  Sand pan burners allow you to arrange the log set to suit your taste.



A pioneer in decorative heating, Rasmussen leads the way with beautifully crafted gas log sets made from the finest quality refractory ceramic materials. Rasmussen gas log molds are created from select pieces of actual wood reproducing the finest bark detail. Environmentally safe ceramic coatings are hand applied in a multi-step process to recreate the random complexity of real wood for a surprisingly natural finish. Rigid steel reinforcement ensures a sturdy, long-lasting log set and a carefully designed burner system produces the most realistic wood fire look in decorative appliances.


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Evening Series Log Sets feature a broken, charred front log for enhanced realism and additional ember bed inside the log set. This creates the appearance of a wood fire that has been burning for longer than the “fresh wood” look of a traditional log set. Chunk kits can be added to the Evening Series to increase the width or fullness of the set, and when paired with our TNA burner and your favorite andirons, they are a versatile choice for narrow-backed fireplaces such as Rumfords.



Large scale set with heavy bark, split and char features. Two piece front log. Good for masonry and larger factory-built fireplaces.




Large scale sets for large fireplaces. Multiple piece front log.




Bark and char front logs with mixed bark and split top logs and pine cones. Two piece front log. Lower profile good for standard factory-built and larger fireplaces.




Reversible Bark/Split Logs with char features. Two piece front log. Taller profile is good for masonry and larger factory-built fireplaces.




Traditional Log Sets feature a one-piece front and rear log together with a variety of smaller pieces for stacking. Choose from several species of wood (molded from the real thing) to achieve a look that blends with your surroundings. Several sets feature reversible logs that can display either a bark or split side, and numerous optional chunk, chip, twig and pine one kits are available. Pair with the burner style of your choice to create the look you desire.



Heavy bark straight front log with split and bark top logs and pine cones. Lower profile good for standard factory-built and larger fireplaces.




Varied sizes of bark logs with pine cones for a rustic appearance.




Gnarled driftwood. One-piece front log. Lower profile good for standard factory-built and larger fireplaces.




Reversible Bark/Split Logs and pine cones. Straight one-piece front log. Larger scale is good for masonry and larger factory-built fireplaces.




Alterna Sets are perfect if you’re looking for something different or less traditional than a wood log set. They are a great complement to modern decor and are available in a variety of styles. Visit rasmussen.biz for more options.



Uniform spheres (shown in 8”) in diameters from 4” to 12”, and mixed sizes of full and half spheres.




Natural looking but made of fireproof material that does not “pop” like real stones.




High temperature glass (shown in Platinum) and FireDrops™ (beads) in a variety of colors. Place FireBalls or Shapes on top to increase scale and interest.



From extraordinary beauty and realism to the latest technology, EIKLOR FLAMES” leads the way. As a leader in the ‘gas logs’ industry we specialize in manufacturing fireplace gas burner systems and gas logs sold TOGETHER as a FIREPLACE GAS LOGS SYSTEM with a lifetime warranty

Realism is the name of the game and we take great care and pride in the design of our gas logs. Our artistically created, ultra-detailed gas logs are made of highest heat 2600° ceramic refractory for #1 High-Heat transfer to create spectacular appearance lit and unlit, as well as the bonus of radiant heat, when matched to our burner systems. The logs themselves have been taken from fallen branches and twigs in the Hoosier National Forest. They are then molded, oven dried and hand-painted by our artists at the factory using an intricate 7-stage coloring system. The logs are durable, heavier than any other on the market, and the only trouble you should have, is convincing people they are not real wood.

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The Exclusive MOMBO® patented LARGE 2-Burner technology for realism and beauty is equipped with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity with Sandless burners for clean and efficient flames. The MOMBO® is the ‘KING’ of flames! Select this system if the structure of your fireplace is HUGE. Guaranteed Impressive. MOMBO® Logs are made with the same top of the line material and attention to detail as the standard logs, only the MOMBO logs are larger and have plenty more girth, to match the corresponding MOMBO® Large Burner System. The MOMBO® is the ‘KING’ of flames!

MOMBO® applications can be seen around the US and Canada; in many restaurants, country clubs, shopping malls and in motion picture and TV. If your measurements allow, they can also be installed indoors or outdoors in residences.



The Exquisite Ultimate 5®, the only patented 5-burner system available on the market, provides the maximum in realism and beauty with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity. Sand-less burners provide clean flame, and the 5-burner technology still looks real while burning half the fuel, using our adjustable controls. Simply put, there is nothing better, nor more realistic than the ULTIMATE.


304-2 SERIES

Exclusive patented 2-Burner Half-Pan Technology with unique Stainless Steel components for solid performance and longevity, and Sand-less burners for clean and efficient flames. Realistic, beautiful, and affordable for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use.